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Although I worked as a real estate agent in another country 26 years ago, I am new to the profession in Florida. In my first semester, I have made 5.8 million in sales, taking advantage of my 30 years of experience in international marketing, communications and advertising. Another factor in this result is undoubtedly the fact that I have visited over 50 countries in 5 continents and that I am multilingual.

If I don’t know about something I research it straight away. All of my knowledge on return of investment and the market situation, as well as the correct location and value of real estate in the area are great strengths in my favor and evident in the services I provide for you. I will work tirelessly for you to have the best real estate experience.

Having spent several years living with my family in Los Angeles, working on the production of a documentary called “Mercy for Earth”, which will soon be released.

My wife is a Chiropractor in Palmer Port Orange. Our children, Luna 6 and Massimo 06, are the most important thing in our lives. Seeing my kids running along the beach or surfing was reason enough for us to settle down in the area so they could enjoy the marvelous sea of New Smyrna Beach.

This is the place I decided to invest in a real estate business. Real estate is undoubtedly, and will always be, the best and safest investment, that has existed throughout all eras of humanity.

It doesn’t matter where you live, I can ensure you that you will find paradise on the coasts of Florida.

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